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Tax changes for same-sex couples after DOMA decision

Supreme Court decision lets same-sex couples benefit from tax & federal benefits. In a highly-anticipated decision, the Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in a case titled United States v. Windsor. That decision opens the door for same-sex couples to benefit from tax and other federal benefits previously reserved for heterosexual couples.

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Estate & Trust Administration, Estate Planning

MD Inheritance Tax Exemptions – Domestic Partners

The Maryland Code exempts from inheritance tax all property received by the spouse of a deceased Maryland resident. It also exempts property that passes from a decedent to or for the use of, among others, the decedent’s children, grandchildren, the spouse of a child of the decedent, the spouse of a lineal descendant of a child of the decedent and the brother or sister of the decedent.

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Corporate, Employment Law

Restrictive Covenants in Medical Practice

Restrictive covenants have always been a useful and legitimate means of protecting businesses in various professions from unfair competition, especially from departing employees or management who’ve had access and introduction to clients, patients or customers. Such restrictions are especially important for healthcare providers whose personal connections with patients form the basis for a continued relationship.

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