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FAQ: How can you provide for your pet’s future without you?

As a pet owner, you may want to ensure that your beloved pet will continue to receive food and water, shelter, veterinary care and love if something unexpected were to happen to you. A pet Trust is one legal technique available in certain states (including Maryland) that you may use to be sure your pet receives proper care upon your death or disability. In short, a pet Trust is a legal arrangement for the care of a pet that provides for a structured oversight of the pet and allows a pet owner to ensure that the pet experiences the same, or similar, quality of life after the pet owner passes away.


In setting up a pet Trust, you, as the pet owner, may:

(a) specify who manages the money for your pet’s benefit;

(b) designate your pet’s caregiver;

(c) provide what type of expenses are to be covered;

(d) specify the type of care your pet will receive;

(e) set forth what happens if the caregiver can no longer care for your pet; and

(f) provide for the disposition of your pet and the remaining Trust funds upon the pet's death.