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December 22, 2021

Jim Hammerschmidt Provided Commentary to SHRM Regarding How HR Leadership Can Take a Creative Approach to Helping All Employees Celebrate Their Holidays

Jim Hammerschmidt, Principal

Jim Hammerschmidt provided commentary to SHRM regarding how HR leadership can take a creative approach to helping all employees celebrate their holidays.

"There are no state or federal laws that mandate when a business is open or closed, according to James R. Hammerschmidt, co-president of Paley Rothman Attorneys at Law. Companies use their discretion to decide when to close, leaving employees to use their paid leave time to celebrate holidays that are not recognized. But some companies are rethinking how they handle holidays. "It's largely the Wild West—it's up to the employer to decide how they want to establish holiday schedules," he said. "This allows for creativity. Thoughtful and intentional corporate leaders in HR departments are thinking dynamically and taking a holistic approach to the entire holiday calendar based on all of the people who make up their workforce.""

To view the full article, visit the SHRM website: "Find Ways to Help All Employees Celebrate Their Holidays” 


August 4, 2022

Trish Weaver Published Article On Racial Justice and Allyship in the Maryland Bar Journal

Paley Rothman's Litigation Chair, Trish Weaver, was featured in latest issue of the Maryland Bar Journal for her article, "Hello?...hello? Please Answer My Call.”

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DC Employers Take Note of the District’s New Law on Off-Duty Marijuana Use

Under DC’s new law employers can no longer penalize employees for off-duty marijuana use.

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