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January 6, 2021

Employment Law Day 2021 - Changes: A New Chapter in Employment Law

The employment law attorneys of Paley Rothman invite you to join their 5th Annual Employment Law Day - Changes: A New Chapter in Employment Law.

We are pleased to invite you to join us for our Fifth Annual Employment Law Day (our FIRST EVER Virtual Summit). We will host a shortened program followed by Q&A. Our attorneys will discuss important matters with management and H.R. professionals.

What’s Next from the DOL? The new Biden Administration will be taking the reins with an ambitious labor and employment agenda. From increases to independent contractor classifications to overtime exemptions to joint employment, we will explore what new developments employers can expect out of the Biden DOL. We will also discuss the prospects for the Biden labor and employment objectives – like increasing the minimum wage and paid family leave – that will require Congressional cooperation.

Agency Watch: Other agencies under the Biden Administration (including EEOC, OFCCP and NLRB) are likely to institute (or re-institute) mandates aimed at protecting workplace and payroll equality. Employers will need to be ready to adjust their reporting practices accordingly and examine any new potential areas of exposure.

NO, NO and NO!!! From ending employment arbitration agreements, to prohibiting class action waivers, to banning non-compete agreements, the new administration is likely to attempt rein in a number of perceived imbalances in the employee-employer relationship. Can the administration accomplish these goals and how far can it go? What will be the impact on the business community?

COVID…A Year Later: Who could have predicted? Almost a year later employers are still grappling with the best way to handle COVID-19. We will discuss practical issues regarding mandatory vaccinations in the workplace, the latest round of PPP loans, and other lingering COVID-19 related matters like Teleworking, Employee Travel, and Leave Policies.



Jim Hammerschmidt - Chair             Jessica Summers - Principal                     Scott Mirsky - Principal                     Hayes Edwards - Associate


January 15, 2021

Robert Shulman Provides Commentary for The Wall Street Journal Article on how Insurers Face Big Payouts to U.K. Businesses Over Covid Disruptions

U.K. Supreme Court rules insurers must pay out on business-interruption claims in a legal case that could have wide-ranging ramifications

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Q&A - Navigating the Holidays, COVID and Divorce

With continued COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings and travel, divorced and blended families have to face even more challenges this holiday season. Divorced couples have to...

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