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Financial Services

Lender Beware Upstream vs. Downstream Guarantees

In the world of commercial finance, many loans are secured by real estate; the borrower gives the lender a lien on the borrower’s real estate to secure payment of the loan. In Maryland, the downside to granting this type of lien is the large amount of taxes collected by the clerk of court when the lien is recorded. On a loan of $1 million, for example, the taxes collected could easily exceed $10,000. Loans running in the many millions of dollars are not uncommon and they can cost the borrower hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes collected when the lien is recorded.

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Financial Services, Real Estate

Buying Residence With Partner A Complex Matter

You and your significant other - boyfriend or girlfriend, perhaps your fiancée - decide to buy a house or condominium together. You figure it’s better to own than to rent and since the monthly mortgage payments will roughly equal the monthly rental payments, it seems like a good idea. Yet whether you know it or not, the two of you are about to enter into a very complex business arrangement and you had better plan and be prepared for the “what ifs” down the road.

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