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Employment Law, Litigation

District Court Decides Contract’s Forum-Selection Clause Applies to Non-Party’s Individual Claims

Many contracts contain “forum-selection clauses,” or provisions in which the parties to the contract stipulate that any lawsuit arising from the contract shall be litigated in a particular court or jurisdiction. While a forum-selection clause can generally be enforced only against the parties who signed the agreement in question, the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland issued an opinion this week illustrating why that’s not always the case.

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Corporate, Litigation

Businesses Beware: Spend Now to Save Later Avoid the Future Cost of Do-It-Yourself Contracts

Your business has weathered a rocky economy. You have looked for expenses that can be trimmed from your budget. You eye the number entered next to “Legal Expense” and think that maybe you could reduce it by using some form contracts or drafting your own. Most assuredly, you would only think that way if you have never been involved in litigation.

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Employment Law, Government Contracts

Order Requires Contractors to Report Labor Violations

The recent Executive Order on Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces, signed by President Obama on July 31, 2014, has major implications for the way that federal government contractors treat their employees. Failure to comply with the new rules could exclude a contractor from consideration by a soliciting agency.

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Real Estate

Lawsuit Over Second-Hand Smoke Goes “Up in Smoke”

CIGARETTE SMOKERS — REJOICE! This past summer you may have found a new friend in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. In July, 2013, the court may have introduced a breath of fresh air into the nicotine stained and smoke filled rooms of private homes all over the State. Schuman v. Greenbelt Homes, Inc., 212 Md. App. 451 (2013). Here’s what happened.

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