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Employment Law, Retirement Plans

Employers required to offer retirement plans?

Maryland businesses take note – the Maryland Senate and House are each considering bills which, if passed, would require businesses employing 5 or more employees to offer a qualified retirement plan (read: 401(k) or IRA) or join a state-created pool retirement fund. If the law takes effect, Maryland will be the first state in the nation to impose mandated retirement savings.

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Estate & Trust Administration, Estate Planning

Changing Retirement Plan Beneficiaries

You have just spent months working with your lawyer to draft an estate plan that suits your needs. You created one trust for your beloved second wife and another trust for your equally beloved children from your first marriage. In order to take advantage of the unlimited marital deduction currently available under the federal estate tax laws, you have made your kids the beneficiaries of your current wife’s marital trust upon her death. She will hopefully live a long time and be able to enjoy the benefits of your successful career and when she dies there will still be assets to provide for your children.

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