Welcome to the Law Firm of Paley Rothman

For more than 40 years, working on behalf of an impressive mix of business and individual clients, the law firm of Paley Rothman has provided a wide range of legal counsel and representation in such diverse and demanding practice areas as business & commercial transactions, tax, real estate, litigation, estate planning and employment law among others. Now totaling more than 35 attorneys, the firm embraces the time-honored virtues of integrity and hard work, and has earned a reputation that makes us and our clients proud.

Paley Rothman’s formula for success is as simple as the law is complex.  Our lawyers’ dedication to their clients is matched by an equally strong commitment to recognize and react to the changing landscape that is today’s legal system.  That ever-expanding knowledge of the law is what allows them to handle the most complicated legal matters, delivering the resources–and the responsiveness–to protect our clients’ short-term interests and provide for their long-term success.

Much like any service industry, the legal profession relies on communication and continuity in anticipating client needs and providing practical and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner.  Paley Rothman’s achievements are at least in part a function of our stability; many of the firm’s attorneys and support staff have worked together for more than a quarter century.

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